To live and work.
To earn and provide.
To take your place in life.

Skills2Work is a voluntary association which exists to assist people find their way out of unemployment & poverty.
100-302-NPO with 18A PBO status


For sincere job seekers, unemployment is a trap which can destroy self-respect, dignity and lead to poverty with its wider implications. Low paid, casual-work can be a lifeline but without tangible skills it is often difficult to avoid falling back into unemployment. Skills2Work exists to assist people gain vocational skills and long-term employment.


  • Identifies worthwhile beneficiaries via job readiness programmes
  • Raises funds to assist with vocational training opportunities
  • Finds apprenticeship opportunities
  • Facilitates entrepreneurial SME initiatives
  • Provides e-learning literacy and numeracy skills training
  • Provides mentorship and follow-up


    Job Readiness Training KickStart
    Our new KickStart programmes include a vocational skills training programme combined with a life skills course. The first 5 beneficiaries of our Carpentry KickStart have just finished the programme. and moved on to specific apprenticeship placements.

    Job Readiness Training Bakeries for Imizamo Yethu!
    Skills2Work assisted iKhaya Le Themba to create opportunities for their Parent Resource Centre in Hout Bay. The project saw the the launch of a bakery employment opportunity. This has led us to develop a bakery business in a box concept.


    Email us to request information about how to assist with current projects, mentorship or training costs. UK and Overseas supporters are welcome to make use of our Stewardship fundraising page.



    The Manna2Go model is built upon our experience with the bakery business in a box.

    S2W ovenThe Manna2Go opportunity includes our own super efficient and versatile wood burning rocket oven, supply chain and training in the bakery business model with life skills and mentorship input.

    Bespoke rocket oven
    • Up to 30 loaves capacity
    • Up to 400 deg
    • Custom design based on Swiss open source innovation
    • Oven can be detached leaving domestic stove utility

    Business in a box toolkit
    • Bakery training
    • Work readiness facilitation
    • Bakery business training
    • Follow-up and mentorship programme

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